Tuesday, 25 March 2008

The Uncrackable List

These are all items that are uncracked or unavailable according to audionews...

    112dB Software Morgana Sampler

    4Front - true Pianos

    AAS Tassman v4.1 (PC) - Lounge Lizard EP-3 v3.1 (PC) - String Studio VS-1 v1.1 (PC) - Ultra Analog VA-1 v1.1 (PC)

    Ableton - Live 7(MAC)

    Acustica audio - Nebula 3

    Alcatech - Digiscratch 2.0

    Algorithmix - PEQ Blue EQ - PEQ Red - PEQ Orange

    Alien Connections - Revalver MK II(Mac)

    AMG - Kick Ass Brass VSTi - One

    Antares - Autotune 5(MAC) - Filter(MAC) - Harmony Engine(MAC) - Tube(MAC) - Infinity

    Apple - Logic pro 7.2 - Final Cut Pro 6

    Applied Acoustic Systems - Tassman v4.0(MAC)

    AraldFX - Grand Electrix

    Arturia - Analog Factory - Brass - Prophet V - V Collection - Jupiter 8 (MAC) - Moog Modular v2.2(MAC)

    Art vista - Acoustic Grand (Kontakt 2 Player)

    Audeon - UFO

    Audio Damage - Ratshack Reverb 2 - DR Device(MAC) - Fluid(MAC) - Liquid(MAC)- Vapor(MAC)

    Audioease Nautilus Bundle(OSX) (PC) - AudioEase Speakerphone(MAC) - Snapper(MAC)

    Audio Impressions - Realtime Instruments DVZ

    Audio Realism - Drum Machine(MAC) - SemiModular (ASM)

    AudioWarrior - Bass Rig For KONTAKT

    Back In Time Records - Ethnotronics

    BBE - Sonic Maximizer(MAC) - D82 Sonic Maximizer

    Bela D media - Anthology Spiritual winds - Anthology Celtic winds - Lyrical Distortion

    Best service - Artist Complete - Peter Siedlaczek Complete Classical Collection 2nd Ed & String Essentials v2 - Ethno World 4 (NI Service Center)

    Big Fish Audio Dancehall Madness - London Solo Strings VST(K2) - Scoretrax

    Blue Cat Audio - All PLugs

    Blue Tubes - Analog Plugs(MAC)

    Bome - MIDI translator

    Cakewalk - Sonar Home Studio 6 - Cakewalk Project5 v2.5.1

    Camel Audio - Biolabs Massive Sounds for Massive

    Cdxtract - Samplit OSX

    Celemony - Melodyne 3.2

    Chandler Limited - EMI TG12413 Limiter - EMI TG Mastering EQ Pack

    Chris Hein - Chris Hein Bass

    Creamware SCOPE - All plugs

    Cycling74 - Max/Msp(MAC) - mspinky

    Crypton - Vocaloid Meiko

    Daevlmakr All Plugs

    Dan Dean - Bluthner Digital Model One (NI Service Center)

    db Audioware Quantum FX 2.5 - Side Chain Compressor(MAC) - vocal intensifier

    Devine Machine - One Shot - Krishna Synth

    Digidesign - Strike - Joemeek - Hybrid

    Digital Music Doctor - Ableton Live 6 Know It All

    Digital Performer Update v5.12

    DUY Plugs (PC) Plugs(MAC iLok)

    Dyvision Works - dyScratch VST

    EastWest - Fab Four - Goliath - Q.L. Gypsy - Q.L. Ministry Of Rock - Q.L. Pianos - Q.L. SD2 The Next Generation - Q.L. Voices Of Passion - Storm Drum 2

    Eiosis - AirEq - ELS vocoder

    eLab - Obsession - Perfection

    Eliosound ELS Vocoder v1.1.1 - AirEQ v1.3.1

    Enventide Anthology All Plugins

    Extreme Sample Converter 3.5.5

    Fable Sounds - Broadway Big Band (Syncrosoft dongle)

    Flux - All Plugs (Only spring pack avaliable PC)

    Fxpansion - BFD Expansion Joe Barresi - Evil Drums - BFD2

    G-Sonique - Alien303

    Garritan - Concert - Marching Band - Personal Orchestra Sibelius Edition - Stradivari Solo Violin version 2.0

    General Vibe - VectorSector

    GMedia - Virtual String Machine

    GrooveBoxMusic - Video tutorials

    Groovecube Exciton 2

    G-sonique -Renegade - Alien303

    Handheldsound - FlyingHand Percussion

    humanoid sounds Systems - Scanned Synth Pro

    IK Multimedia - Riffworks - SampleMoog(MAC) - AmpliTube METAL - X-GEAR - Advanced Room Correction System

    ILIO - Vital Arts Plectrum

    Image-Line - DrumSynth Live VSTi - Juice Pack - Varazdin Orchestral - FruityLoops 8

    Ircam - AudioSculpt

    Kagi - Airwindows plugins

    keytosound - NexSyn

    Kjaerhus Audio - MPL-1 Pro Second Edition 1.02

    Kong Audio VSTi

    KORG - Legacy Collection Analog Edition v1.2.2 [Syncrosoft dongle] - Legacy Collection Digital Edition v1.3.1 [Syncrosoft dongle]

    LevelGround Media - Plugs

    Line 6 - Gearbox VST Plugin

    LinPlug - RM 5

    M Audio - VELVET (virtual electric piano) - Drum n Bass Rig

    Mackie Tracktion 3 Ultimate Bundle

    Magix - Samplitude8.1 & Upwards(Dongle) - Sequoia 8.1 & Upwards (Dongle)

    Manytone Music - ManyBass - Manyone

    McDSP - AC1(MAC) - Revolver - Emerald Pack

    Metric Halo - Spectrafoo

    MHC - Ambient Keys - Industrial Tones

    MixedInKey -mixed in key(OSX) - Mixed by Key v3

    Mixosaurus - DAW Drums(K2)

    MODARTT - Pianoteq 2.2

    MOTU - Ethno Instrument - MachFive(OSX) - MachFive 2 - Symphonic - unisyn

    Musiclab - Realstrat - midioverlan CP

    Native Instruments - Komplete 4(MAC) - Classic Keys Bundle - Traktor 3 tutorial DVD - Komplete 5 - Guitar Rig 3 (MAC) - Kontakt 3(MAC) - Akoustik Piano Update v1.1.2 - MASSIVE Expansion packs

    Nerds ipmidi

    Nomad Factory - Retrology - EMI Tone - EMI Filter - Analog Mastering tools - Analog strings Station

    NOTION Music - NOTION 2.0

    Ohm Force - OhmBoyz 1.48 - Frohmage v1.47 - Predatohm v1.37 - Hematohm v1.28 - Mobilohm v1.18 - Quad Frohmage v1.26 - Symptohm:Melohman v1.17

    OtiumFx - Sonitex

    PAS Audio - Spectrum Analyzer Pro

    Peter Tools - Hammer - LiveSet

    Pettinhouse - DirectBass - DirectGuitar

    Pianoteq v2.2

    Pinguin - Audio Meter 4.5 Pro

    Platinum Notes

    Plugsound Pro All Plugs

    Pro Audio Vault - Bl├╝thner Digital Model One Grand Piano(K2)

    Project SAM - True Strike 2 - Flute and Piccolo Effects

    Prominy - SC Electric Guitar (Kontakt Player 2)

    Prosoniq - Voxciter(MAC) - Magenta 2.1(MAC) - MORPH(MAC) - Rayverb(MAC)

    PSOFT - VOID Modular System

    PSP Audioware - StereoPack 1.8 AU, OSX - Neon HR v1.5.0

    Pyramix - Virtual Studio 5.0

    Psychic Modulation - Aethereal

    Rayzoon - Jamstix 1.7 and above.

    Redmatica - Autosampler - Compendium - KeyMap

    reFX - Nexus 1.3.5 and up(OSX update) - Nexus Expansions - Bigtone, Minimal House 2, and Total Pianos - PlastiCZ(MAC) - Slayer v2.6.0

    R M L Labs - Midi Workshop

    Rob Papen - Predator 1.1 (MAC)

    Roger Nichols - UNIQUEL-IZER (MAC)

    Sample Logic - The Elements

    Scarbee - Keyboard Gold Bundle (Dongle) - Vintage Keyboard Collection (VSTi) (Dongle) - Black Bass - Red Bass - Scarbee Imperial Drums XL(Syncrosoft)

    Sibelius - Photoscore 5 Ultimate - G7 - Auralia(MAC)

    SmartScore - 5 Pro Edition

    Softube - Acoustic Feedback(MAC) - Softube Amp Room(MAC)

    Sonalksis - TBK Creative Elements

    SonicCouture - Gamelan - Konkrete Drums - The Electronica Collection - VA Drums

    Sonic Studio - PreMaster

    Sonicprojects - Synths

    SONiVOX - Fable Sounds Broadway Big Band - Muse - Complete Symphonic Collection

    Sonoma - Riffworks

    Sony plugs(MAC)

    Sound Burst - Sample Farm PRO

    SoundMiner - SoundMiner

    SoundToys Native Effects V3

    Steinberg - Cubase 4 - SE3 - Groove Agent 3 - Halion String Edition 2 - HALion Symphonic Orchestra - Hypersonic 2(OSX) - Nuendo(MAC) - Nuendo 4 - Sequel - Virtual guitarist 2 - WaveLab 6 - The Grand 2 Update v2.3.2.459

    Steven Massey AllPlugs

    Steven Slate Drum Samples (Copy Protected)

    Stillwell Audio - Schwa Sculpto

    Submersible Music - DrumCore 2.5

    Sugar Bytes Effectrix - Unique v1.02 - Vogue - WOW Filter Box

    SWA - Complete Sonar 7 - Complete Project 5 V 2.5 - Dimension Pro In Depth

    symbolic sound corporation - Kyma X

    Synchro Arts - VocALign 4

    Syntheway ElectriKeys Electric Piano v1.0

    Tapspace Virtual DrumLine 2 - 2.5

    Tascam - GVI (Dongle)

    TC Powercore All Plugs

    tone2 - Bifilter 2.1 - filterbank3 - FireBird+ v1.8 - Gladiator v1.0

    UAD All Plugins (including Fairchild 670 Comp)

    Ueberschall - 80s Punk - Liquid Adlibs - Liquid Drums - RetroFit series - Scoretrax - The RetroFit series - Minimal Techno

    Ultimate Sound Bank - Retro Keyboards - Plugsound Pro (iLok dongle) - Retro Organs - Synths Anthology - Mayhem of Loops - Retro Keyboards

    URS - Everything bundle UB

    Vienna Symphonic Library (VSL) - Vienna Instruments (Dongle)

    Vir2 Instruments - Elite Orchestral Percussion

    VirSyn - VTAPE - CANTOR v2.1 - Poseidon v1.4 - Reflect to v1.2

    Vital Arts - Plectrum

    Voxengo - R8Brain - Pro - Impulse Modeler v1.9 (Working Crack)

    Wallander instruments All

    Waves - Diamond Bundle 5.9 RTAS - Live Bundle - MaxxVolume - SSL 4000(MAC) - Vocal Bundle(MAC) - API collection(MAC)

    Way Out Ware - KikAXXE

    Wizoo WizooVerb W2(MAC) - W5(MAC)

    XLN Audio Addictive Drums Retro ADPak

    Yellowtools - Candy - Yellowtools culture 1.7 - Yellowtools freedom - Yellowtools Independence - Majestic(MAC)

    Zero-G - Phaedra - Vocaloid 2 Prima


DENZA said...

crazy site

requesting the fruity loops samples & soundpacks

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know of a Jupiter V8
that actually works

raja said...

I've found the following from your list, and they work like a charm...

McDSP - Emerald Pack
4Front - TruePiano
URS - Everything Bundle
Ohm Force - All of them

So these exsist, just a matter of finding them!

Audio Pirate said...

are they proper scene releases?? care to share??

Anonymous said...

gudgawd! where did you find McDSP - Emerald Pack ??? i thought it only ran with the pro-tools / m-audio dongle. or some non-sense like that.

Beige said...

Yeah i've got most of the Ohm Force Plugs & Max/Msp. All for mac. Work fine. Looks like i'm gonna have to buy that Jupiter 8V though.

fat t said...

Revalver MK II for PC, is this also unavailable like the mac version?

XLN Audio Addictive Drums would be very cool too :) (for PC) (not this expansion)

awesome site! :)

raja said...

Those are all for PC, the ones i mentioned. Care to share? Yes, how?

I dont know if they are "proper" scene releases...I know the 4front TruePiano has been working for about a year with a demo resetter that came with it...If that qualifies as a scene release I dont know, I did find it on a site like this tho...ahhhh


where did u go?

james said...

whats up with Uebershall liquid trumpets

Anonymous said...

great site

I´m looking for
"softube - metal amp room"

Fraescher said...

it says that Culture 1,7 doesnt work. I ´got an earlier version but i have problems with it while playing a sample.
Did it work by anybody?

BigDropz said...

can someone reup RSO Vocal Magic 4.0

Anonymous said...

I have storm drum 2, works perfect.

junglist said...

yo do you know where i can get a crack for futureaudioworkshop circle?

JTB said...

Hi, does anyone have Autotune 4 (or lower) for MAC ? Thanx

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have mixed in key 3 & platinum notes 2 for pc ???

got mixed in key 3 but the serial doesnt work,happy to share if someone can find a working crack

Anonymous said...

Hi all,

i'm looking for few plugins for MAC:

blue tubes


Anonymous said...

looking for a vocoder to work with my protools le 7 e mail me at biggt@comcast.net

maddshit said...

yo im looking for the drums package named JamiesDrums from todaybeats.com.....
Any one got these i Got all the plugins you want for exchange.
you can e-mail me at maddshit@msn.com..........

Anonymous said...

AAS Tassman v4.1 (PC) - Lounge Lizard EP-3 v3.1 (PC) - String Studio VS-1 v1.1 (PC) - Ultra Analog VA-1 v1.1 (PC)and more is out now .. by AiR !! :o)

Anonymous said...

hello all!

i arrive here googleing up!
i have a please for all:
anybody can provide me
RnB - Virtual Music Studio [English]????

fully cracked!

thnx in advance

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Yes, the Ohmforce Plugins are all cracked, by H2=.. there is also URS Everything bundle

Anonymous said...

pluggo for mac intel please!
and,,were are the ohmboys for mac stuff?post it pls!~

kistrui said...

hy. googling for kick ass brass. got here. need it badly. i know it's on the uncrackable list..but i really need it or smth simillar. need it for big band jazz stuff.
so..any of you know what i could use?


macgirl said...

does anyone know if there's a way to get antares avox working on mac (without the plugs noted here, like warm)?

Anonymous said...

I would really like if you guys could put up toon tracks ezdrummer the full version for us to download.

sim said...

any chance of posting rob papen's subBoomBass vsti?

Anonymous said...

what about renoise 2.1 anyone know where i can find this?

Anonymous said...

hey audio pirate there iz a crack 4 melodyne 3.2 i know cuz i have it its jus a keygen if u need it jus hit me up in tha forum under goon087 peace

quick2track said...

McDSP - Emerald Pack
4Front - TruePiano
URS - Everything Bundle
Ohm Force - All of them.Hey guys incredible site ., does anyone know where to get these plugins for mac osx working please email at quick2track@gmail.com thanks fam.

NSaneChick said...

99 % of everything on this list can be found here: HTTP://WWW.IGTAP.COM

Anonymous said...

The main conclusion is : work with a PC not a MAC, unless you like paying for everything...

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me if Steinberg Virtual Guitarist 2 is now cracked and disponible anywhere? I REALLY need it!...

MusicDirector said...

Steinberg Virtual Guitarist 2
I too need crack very badly... any takers?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what the limitations are with 'Acustica Audio Nebula3 CM VST Exclusive Edition'?

It doesn't say whether this has the free edition limitations or not, but it comes with only a few vectors so I at least presume you can add the other free libraries.

iFVCK! said...

Thanks for the info.

Anonymous said...

I think instead of Pianoteq 2.2 you meant Pianoteq 2.3.

adriannygard said...

REALLY REALLY interested in the Tone Projects Sonitex, and their Compadre compressor. Pretty please?

adriannygard said...

Please upload the Tone Projects plugins, their Compadre compressor and Sonitex. Pretty please!

adriannygard said...

Tone Projects Compadre and Sonitex. Pretty please.

Khalid Abusaud said...

does anyone have Steinberg The Grand 3 for PC , i searched for it everywhere but i couldn't find it