Thursday, 10 January 2008

How to extract and install downloads from here

I get alot of questions on this subject so i thought id add this. This post will try to explain how to extract and install files properly from here.

Downloading and extracting:

Firstly you need to download the files, if the file you downloading is in one part then this will be pretty simple, but if its made up of several files, you will need EVERY single part to extract from it successfully. once you have downloaded the files it is a good idea to do a virus scan on them to check they are ok. Make sure your virus scanner will scan inside the archive, if not scan after you have extracted it.

To extract a .rar or a .zip file you will need some sort of software to do so, id recommend Winrar, you can download it from here. its a trial version but you can still use it after the trial runs out.

extracting a single file is pretty simple really, either double click the file to open winrar and press the extract button, or right click the file and go to "extract here".

sometimes there will be more than one part (ie; software_v4.1_part1.rar software_v4.1_part2.rar software_v4.1_part3.rar) normally you will only extract the first one and the contents of them all is extracted with it but it is best to highlight all the file then extract.

if the file is made of a large collection of .rar files (like a DVD rip) it will normally have one .rar
file and the rest will have numbered extentions (ie; .r01 .r02 .r03 .r04 ), make sure you have every part then extract the .rar to extract everything. (or highlight them all and extract like i said above)


sometimes .rar's will contain more .rar's, if this is the case, extract those as well.

Now once you have extracted properly, you will have the contents. most of the time there should be a .txt or .nfo file with instructions but this isnt always the case and the instructions can be a bit basic but you should ALWAYS check the .nfo before installing. to open a .nfo file, right click it and go to "open with" and open it with notepad.

Basic installing instructions: for cracks, keygens, serials and patches
note: this can vary, thats why you should always read the .nfo

run the setup file and install as you would any other program

if the file come with a keygen, when the the installer asks for the serial, open the keygen (and select the program you are installing from the list) and copy the the relevant information to the boxes in the installer.

if the file has a serial in the .txt/.nfo, copy this into the installer or insert when asked

if the file come with a patch, install as normal, and when you are finished run the patch file

if the file come with a crack folder, install as normal, and when you are finished, copy the contents of the crack folder and paste them into the programs folder...
example: say you was installing FL Studio for example and it came with a crack file called FLstudio7.exe, copy it then go to... hard drive > program files > image line > fl studio 7 and paste the crack file there. Most of the time the crack will be a cracked version of a file thats already there and it will ask you if you want to replace/overwrite the file, click yes.

ISO/BIN/CUE files:

sometimes when you have extracted a set of .rar's you will be left with one of these. an ISO is an exact clone of a CD/DVD.

to use these files you will either have to mount the image to a DVD or CD and burn it in nero or another decent disk burner


you can mount the image using daemon tools, which will create a virtual disk that you can access on your computer without burning a disk.

you can get daemon tools here

WARNING the newer daemon tools (v4.0+) contains adware but apparently you get the option not to install it.

UPDATE: I've just found out you can extract the files from an .iso file with winrar!!!

Hopefully that has cleared up any questions you have, if there is something else you need to know just let me know and i'll try to help.


Anonymous said...

Hey can you tell me about the BIN extension?

DeShon said...

Hey there again pal!
Top of the mornin' 2 ya!

Im having difficulty extracting the separate sections (i.e. A-Z) and when I get to the end it says that My file is corrupt or Unexpected end of archive.

So here's my question: Do I start with a, extract it, run Setup.exe. and then proceed to extract the others in alphabetical order?

Please help there.. Ive only been able to get the WAVES BUNDLE to work for me.. Everything else has been hell! Please oh help pretty please?!

Btw, Happy Easter 2 all who care!

DeShon said...


I just attempted it again on several different items and the error message I keep receiving at the end is "Cannot Execute(whatever the file name) .exe?

Please excuse my stupidity but Im stuck here?! I began with pack a and proceeded to the last pack. Help me!:(sc

Thanks in advance!

Audio Pirate said...

no, highlight all the files a-z, then right click and go to extract...

if it says its unexpected end of archive.... go back to the original rar file you downloaded and extract that again.... then do what i said above

if it still dont work, re-download the file

Anarchyboy said...

Yo! Can you please tell me about the BIN extention? is that like an iso file?

Thanks :)

Audio Pirate said...

yeah its like an ISO...

Anonymous said...

Thanx for the fresh game on how to extract & install. It helped!

Anonymous said...

What's the reason behind passwording most archives? Doesn't it just make life more difficult for the end user?

Anonymous said...

I installed Samplemoog w/o the instruments, and then got the instruments and samples later. Do you know how to get the instruments into the program without having to go through the process of cracking again?

Anonymous said...

hello ,Please can you help me how to load RFL file into fruity loops.I dont know how to use these ILIO World WInds RFL to use these files.Please help me

Anonymous said...

hey audio pirate i need ur help i had download fl8 but it turned out 2 be a demo how can i mak it 2 a full version plz help me......

Anonymous said...

Hey just wondering how I would install...
waves3.5fx.EXE. I install it and then it asks me to put installation disc 2 into the floppy drive... but I don't have a floppy drive. Plus there seems to be waves3.5fx.W02, waves3.5fx.W03, waves3.5fx.W04, but I have no idea how to open them. All the .nfo thing says is
- UnInstall of any previous version is recommended.
- Unpack and Run waves3.5fx.EXE - Have Fun ! - Then Go Buy The Software.
Can you help?

Atomic said...

Total n00b question I guess, but...
I tried downloading a couple of sample packs from here, and ALL I get is a RAR with a txt file with the password. Where are the actual files said password would unlock?

Anonymous said...

Hello i am a super noob and Mac user. How to i access the files to be downloaded everytime i enter to so I can't access anything. Thank in advance.

Goldy said...

when i try and burn the iso file to a cd-r disk it tells me the contents are too big..please help..thanks

Luck B said...

Whats the deal with the password, i'm using a mac (10.4), and everytime i try to download anything from this website and i get to the password part and i type audiopirate or It keeps telling me wrong password.... are there any spaces or what am i doing wrong??? Please Help

Anonymous said...

i just got the cubase and i installed it wa do i need to do now i have the h20 info, s52info, and file_id.diz what do i need to do from now

Anonymous said...

What about handling Keygen.exe on a mac? I have been at it for several hrs. trying stufit and filejucer with no luck, do you know any alternative?

Panamabill said...

I downloaded:

and with the password of:
managed to open them with a .rar utility, but then ended up with a .RLF file that I can't seem to do anything with. How do I open this .RLF file?

GUTTA said...

i have a quick question with komplete 5 like many other files theres multiple parts to each disk when i use winrar u said to highlight all parts then right click and extract when i do so i get an error out of disk space, is my download have a problem , is it something i did wrong , and do i need to extract every part one by one, and i got and .iso file which i tried to install and got to a need a serial number , i never found a serial number for komplete 5 , but i also didnt get all the parts extracted can someone help me solve these matters im new to this whole thing so please someone help me get started ,, please and thanks for your time , help , and concerns

dba_askeladden said...

if your app doesn't extract completely, automatically and properly, delete the whole works and start over with a different site there's more corrupt file here than washington D.C.