Saturday, 31 May 2008

A few tips for Mac users...

This was written by a guy called Elvis, I thought i'd post it here as to clear up a few common problems you Mac users have.....

Dear fellow Mac types, a few things to make your life easier:
1. Use UnRarX or RAR Expander for RAR files.
2. DO NOT use Stuffit for RAR files, ever! It's OK on ZIPs, but even then, be careful.
3. Often keygens will be Windows files. They must be run in Parallels or Fusion or CrossOver on Intel Macs, Virtual PC on PPC Macs, or on an actual PC.
4. Read the .nfo file! Here's a great OS X program to read .nfo files: NFO Viewer
5. Ask for help before shouting that something doesn't work.
6. Enjoy life!

Tuesday, 29 April 2008

How do you open an nfo file??

This question comes up a lot, and it will usually save a lot of instalment probs if you read it, so i thought i'd stick it here.....

It pretty simple really, its just a .txt file thats had its extension changed to .nfo, to open it right click on the file and go to "open with" then go to "choose program..." and find notepad

if notepad is not there when it brings up the list of programs you will have to locate it yourself, it should be in the windows directory (c:\windows\notepad.exe)

now you have selected it once it will always there when you go to "open with"

hope that helps!!